FREE Interactive Remote Demo – April 2, 2020 5pm Mountain Time


Overview: Personal remote demos allow you to learn along with other turners from the comfort of your own shop or home. Trent takes the you through the process of learning new techniques step by step. Each session has a specific topic, and dates to let you choose what you are interested in. Each session is open to anybody, all you need to do is register. In this small group setting you are able to ask questions and interact with Trent and the group.

Specific Details: We are trying a new way of presenting demonstrations. Trent has been doing this for a long time for clubs and groups around the world, and thought it would be a great opportunity to allow my customers to also take part in the interactive live remote demos. This free trial demo is a test of the process, and also a demonstration of a simple hollow form, using simple tools.

Topic: Simple Hollow Forms / Introduction to this new technology

Date: April 2nd, 2020 – 5 to 6 pm Mountain Time

I hope you can join us, it is limited to the first 100 participants to register. Submit registration by adding this to your cart, and checking out and placing order. You will then receive an email with an information sheet that will provide all the details.

In the future, there will be a modest charge to participate in the interactive remote demo. Join us now to enjoy your free trial.

Thanks for all the interest – this demo sold out within 45 minutes of releasing it! Each interactive remote demo can handle up to 100 participants. On some computers it is not displaying sold out (sorry for the inconvenience) we are working on fixing it. I hope you can join me for one of my other interactive remote demos in the future. Thanks! Trent

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  1. Roger Domina

    Looking forward to your demo.

  2. Roger Domina

    Looking forward to the demonstration.

  3. Larry Lemon

    I would like to attend your remote demo. I will most likely be contacting you about a remote demo for our club. I am signed up for the AAW webinar also.

  4. Larry Lemon

    Sign me up.




    Great demonstration in Alabama

  7. Hope Wiljanen

    Thanks for the offer. Sorry I missed the first 100

  8. Scot Brower

    Sign me up

  9. Ray Nelson

    Remote demo April 2 2020

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