About Us

Trent started woodturning in late 80s and early 90s. Exploring all types of woodturning, he was fascinated by the processes and what could be made on the lathe. The speed at which products could be made was an immediate attraction for him. It wasn’t as if you had to spend months and months building a cabinet, or desk, etc. While pursuing his ideas in turning he was always looking to make the process faster, more efficient, better, modifying the tools he had to actually work the way he wanted them to. Along the way he came up with ideas for completely different designs purchasing a small metal lathe, and metalworking mill allowed him to start turning his ideas into reality. Most of the products he was working on at the time had to do with hollowing, and carving on his turnings. The total access hollowing tools began with only the 3/4″ size and were forged rather than machined as they are today. The theme of making the process, faster, more efficient and better has been echoed in every product he has designed from simple hollowing tools to the more complex Stabilizers and Visualizer. He really enjoys helping other turners find the satisfaction and enjoyment that comes from the woodturning process.

Today, the manufacturing facility for Trent Bosch Tools is located in Fort Collins, Colorado instead of the small lathe and mill that he began with there are now several large CNC machines, manufacturing to tight tolerances the tools that Trent designed. An effort has been made to make everything possible in house. Using some of the latest technologies such as laser engraving and 3D printing has allowed us to keep most every part of the process in house. We are a small business that focuses on quality, innovative products for woodturners.

Check out the video below for a shop tour: