1/2″ Radius Scraper

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A great addition to any hollowing tool collection. This tool is used for the final finishing cuts on the inside of your hollow form. Easily removes any humps or bumps that were created from the hollowing process. This is the final tool that I use on the inside of my hollow forms. Also referred to as the teardrop scraper. This tool is compatible with any 1/2″ tool handle or hollowing system. I recommend my 16″ blue Super Tool Handle and the 5/8″ Stabilizer. When you add this tool to your cart you will get one 1/2″ Radius Scraper in your choice of bend.

Standard Grind vs. Negative Rake Grind The negative rake grind is in general easier to use and you have to pay less attention to the angle of approach. With the standard grind, in certain materials you will have to pay more attention to the angle of approach. Both achieve the same goal of a smooth surface. Learn more here.

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10 reviews for 1/2″ Radius Scraper

  1. Sandra D. (verified owner)

    This tool was really great and helped smooth the inside of my vessel. I have always been pleased by the other tools bought from Trent. I was thrilled with the visualizer. Actually called others into my workroom to amaze them.

  2. Steve Miller (verified owner)

    Very handy for smoothing hollow vessel interiors; easy to sharpen.

  3. Johnny Tolly (verified owner)

    The same applies to this tool. I’m planning on having a flat milled onto the shafts to prevent this issue. Your thoughts would be appreciated? Johnny

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    nice finish and smooth

  5. Michael O’Brien (verified owner)

    Have not tried it.

  6. Garry H. (verified owner)

    You can get a very fine finish with this tool, the secret is fine cuts!

  7. Michael H. (verified owner)

    My favorite tool for getting the ridges out of hollow forms.

  8. Tyler (verified owner)

    Easy to use and made for a clean interior on my hollow form.

  9. John Tiner (verified owner)

    This is a great last pass tool to smooth the inside of hollow forms. They stay sharp well. This design where the cutting head is still near the center-line of the tool reduces the tendency to catch and turn.

  10. Mike Mitchell (verified owner)

    All of Trents tool are very well designed and meticulously manufactured. This half inch tear drop scraper with the optional top and bottom grind that makes it a negative rake does the perfect job when the hollowing access hole is too small for the larger sizes.

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