Black Oxide Coating for your used Stabilizer and/or Carving Stand

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Please Note: As of October 2022 ALL Stabilizers and Carving Stands come standard with the Black Oxide, this is only for those of you with a raw steel Stabilizer or Carving Stand sold prior to October 2022.

Click here to watch a short video about the Black Oxide. 

Since adding the Black Oxide coating to our Stabilizers and Carving Stands we have had lots of customers interested in sending their tools in to be blackened. Here is how it works, send your tools to us anytime & we will blacken them and return them to you within 2 weeks (likely even quicker).

How does the process work? We take your Stabilizer/Carving Stand apart and make sure all of the parts are functioning as they should, pieces are tumbled, taken through the black oxide coating process and re-assembled, ready for you to keep enjoying. Should there be parts that need replacing we can discuss that on an individual basis – but for the most part this should be unnecessary.

Why? The Black Oxide coating has several benefits. It adds a layer of durability and helps prevent corrosion (ideal for those who live in humid environments and/or those who turn green wood). Learn more about our Black Oxide Coating here.

Click Here to see a PDF with some FAQs and additional details.

Customer covers shipping cost to TBSI, cost of return shipping is included in your purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: When you place an order you will receive an email with important details and a customer form to print and include in the box, please read over and follow instructions. This helps us stay organized and get your tools back to you faster. If you do not see this email check your SPAM.

8 reviews for Black Oxide Coating for your used Stabilizer and/or Carving Stand

  1. Daniel W. (verified owner)

    The product and service exceeded my expectations.

  2. CRAIG ELLIOTT (verified owner)

    When I saw that Trent was offering Black Oxide coating on his tools now, I was disappointed that I had not waited. The wet wood had started a light coat of corrosion on mine. Of course living near the ocean didn’t help!
    So when I saw he was offering this coating on previous purchased tool, I jumped at it. Toughest part was finding a box strong enough to pack it in. Back now, and their beautiful. That you Trent.

  3. Bob Stewart (verified owner)

    Excellent job, looks nice, turnaround time was super fast so if it extends the quality life it is well worth the money too.

  4. Larry C. (verified owner)


  5. Glenn Kramer (verified owner)

    Excellent service as usual. Black oxide finish is perfect. Thanks, Glenn

  6. Bill Mauzy (verified owner)

    Love this coating as I do all Trent’s tools.

  7. William Leigher (verified owner)

    The black oxide coating is a great improvement for my stabilizer. Living in Florida where it is humid much of the year I had a small amount of surface rust regardless of how careful I was with storage and anti-rust coating. The new coating looks great. Trent’s team had the stabilizer back to be in ten days.

  8. Bill B. (verified owner)

    The new finish looks like it will hold up a lot better than the unfinished original

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