Streamlight Stylus Reach

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This Streamlight Stylus Reach is Trent’s favorite flashlight to allow him to see inside of his hollow forms. Having one of these lights next to your lathe allows for easy access and viability inside the piece you are working on. 3 “AAAA” batteries are included, and allows up to 14″ of reach.

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9 reviews for Streamlight Stylus Reach

  1. Bob Stewart (verified owner)

    Looks like a good tool to have while turning.

  2. Bryan T. (verified owner)

    I can see everything inside the form. Awesome

  3. Robert Wyle (verified owner)

    I finally got around to using these tools and turned a hollow form and was really happy with how it turned out. It was my first hollow form and the combination of the video, the stabilizer, and the hollowing tools really helped me to learn and hit the ground running.

    The tools really cut well and are easy to sharpen. The stabilizer is easy to set up and put into practice. It felt like learning to hollow with training wheels. I used the laser toward the end in steps 5 and 6 produce a consistent thickness throughout the hollow form without going through the wall.

    The one thing that would have been nice would have been to receive additional instruction for the laser. The video only covered the Visualizer

  4. Michael A. (verified owner)

    Following the purchase of your hollowing stabilization system I found it challenging to see into vessels without some source of additional light. This thin light does an outstanding job of providing excellent illumination without taking up a lot space in tight areas. A great addition that solves specific issues.

  5. LIONEL J. (verified owner)

    I love this little light and don’t know how I would have managed without it. Absolutely essential and very reasonably-priced.

  6. Bob W. (verified owner)

    works fine

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect for deep vases

  8. Jim Fehr (verified owner)

    Tenon gauges work great. The light works well also, I like being able to turn it on steady.

  9. Lou Jacobs (verified owner)

    A terrific tool to easily see inside your hollow form. It is well made and I expect long life out of it.

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