TB Visualizer Wall Thickness Gauge

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This handy tool comes standard with the Visualizer.

It allows you to accurately and repeatedly achieve accurate wall thicknesses with your Visualizer. It makes drawing the outline of the tool on the screen easier than ever. Just slip under your tool while drawing your outline and choose from a variety of different thicknesses.

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7 reviews for TB Visualizer Wall Thickness Gauge

  1. Mark Durrenberger (verified owner)

    I still can’t find the original one I lost. I Use it on every project.

  2. Chad La Voi (verified owner)

    Shipped out really fast!!! Just like all my previous orders to Trent…

  3. Steve Miller (verified owner)

    Lost my first one in shavings; had to get another as soon as I realized it was gone; it’s too handy to be without!

  4. winston GRENIER (verified owner)

    This card makes it so easy to set ur wall thickness when making hollow forms

  5. Alan Spears (verified owner)

    Very simple and easy to use

  6. John Tiner (verified owner)

    Makles setup fast an easy!

  7. Ronald Gerton (verified owner)

    Almost magic, for figuring wall thickness of bowls or hollow vessels.

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