3/4″ Hollowing Tool Stabilizer

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Compatible with TB 1″ Tools & any standard 3/4″, 5/8″, 1/2″, or 3/8″ Tool (with bushing when necessary).

Hollow the right way. The Stabilizer gives your tool extra support but still allows the control and finesse that you get by tucking the tool handle into your body and using your body to manipulate the tool. Use it as if you are hollowing by hand, but get the support of a captured type system. It is simple, easy to set up design which lets you move back and forth between tools easily. This tool allows for smooth operation and the ability to enjoy the hollowing process without fighting with the tool or jig. The 3/4″ stabilizer  works standard with all 3/4″ tools and comes complete with tool rest, pins, and bushings to allow you to also use 5/8″ and 1/2″ hollowing tools with the 3/4″ Stabilizer. It also comes with a 5/32″ Super Allen Wrench & 1/4″ Allen Wrench.

Your Stabilizer will be built specifically for your lathe. The 3/4″ Stabilizer is generally suited for lathes with a 16″ or larger swing. Post diameter is determined by your lathe (most common is 1″).

Clicking add to cart will add one 3/4″ Trent Bosch Hollowing Tool Stabilizer.

Now with a Black Oxide Coating. Why did we make the change to Black Oxide coating? In short, it adds durability and prevents corrosion – it is extra helpful for those who turn green wood or live in a humid environment.

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Weight 12 lbs
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Laguna 2436, Powermatic 2020, Other (specify during checkout), Robust American Beauty, Robust Sweet 16, Robust Liberty, Powermatic 3520, Jet 1642, Nova 16", Oneway 16", Oneway 24", Laguna 1836

48 reviews for 3/4″ Hollowing Tool Stabilizer

  1. Chad Bentley (verified owner)

    This set up is solid, professionally machined, and a breeze to use. I couldn’t be happier with it.

  2. Robert Verhines (verified owner)

    It works great easy to set-up and you can move your head stock so you can work at the end of your lathe.

  3. Peter Jacobson (verified owner)

    Takes a bit to get the fine adjustments just right, but this is a wonderful tool, very well built.

  4. Derrell (Bill) Clark (verified owner)

    This is my third hollowing rig and the best I have used. Quality construction and much more stable than my other two. It has a small footprint on my lathe and very compact for storage.

  5. steve j. (verified owner)

    Superb quality tool that works excellent! Can’t go wrong with this compared with other products on the market.

  6. Daryl Johnston (verified owner)

    This stabilizer is a joy to use in hollowing a purpleheart vessel. Well designed and beautiful built.

  7. Steve Stromstad (verified owner)

    Easy to set up. It takes all the strain off my shoulders when hollowing.

  8. Donald Marcum (verified owner)

    This is a excellent tool. Very easy to use and set up. I had been thinking about it for a long time and I finely pulled the trigger and got it. No regrets.

  9. Robert Wyle (verified owner)

    I finally got around to using these tools and turned a hollow form and was really happy with how it turned out. It was my first hollow form and the combination of the video, the stabilizer, and the hollowing tools really helped me to learn and hit the ground running.

    The tools really cut well and are easy to sharpen. The stabilizer is easy to set up and put into practice. It felt like learning to hollow with training wheels. I used the laser toward the end in steps 5 and 6 produce a consistent thickness throughout the hollow form without going through the wall.

    The one thing that would have been nice would have been to receive additional instruction for the laser. The video only covered the Visualizer

  10. Timothy Mehling (verified owner)

    Very well built and easy set up. Minimal tool vibration.

  11. Gonzalo D. (verified owner)

    Hands done amazing. Makes hollowing easier and very stable, minimal vibration due to my swing tool rest.

  12. Barry Lundgren (verified owner)

    Works great!

  13. Thorowgood Broun IV (verified owner)

    Very well machined and easy to use. Thank you so much for calling me to get dimensions for the post.

  14. Tony Klepic (verified owner)

    I’ve been hollowing for a few years with hand held hollowing tools. I was not comfortable hollowing deeper than 6 inches. I decided to the Trent Bosch stabilizer and am very happy. Though I have only completed about a dozen turnings (mix of 1st and 2nd turned green and dry blanks) but I am really enjoying using this tool. I can hollow much faster using this, and I am now able to safely hollow up to 10″ so far.

  15. Jay (verified owner)

    Very well built tools.

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)


  17. Don S. (verified owner)

    Nice and close fittings, smooth, works as it is suppose too

  18. Johnny Tolly (verified owner)

    Made solid like a tank and works GREAT

  19. Jeff Shepard (verified owner)

    Very well built tool. Works great

  20. Norman Marentette (verified owner)

    Excellent unit! Very pleased with my decision after doing extensive research on a number of manufacturer’s. Exceptional workmanship and attention to detail with regards to this unit. Highly rec. it to anyone interested in hollowing.

  21. Kevin Lui (verified owner)

    Very sturdy construction.

  22. Paul Wilkens (verified owner)

    Machined well. Very stable platform for hollowing tools. Great versatility/range of motion to position tools.

  23. John Wion (verified owner)

    Just a well built, easy functional tool. Makes hollowing fun.

  24. Scott B. (verified owner)

    This worked better than expected. I purchased this to hollow a Box Elder piece with a finished inside depth of ~10” and id of ~13”.

    All roughing cuts were catch and chatter free. Only experienced mild chatter as I got near ~3/8” wall thickness in finishing cuts. I expect as I gain more experience with this tool I’ll find either an optimal cutter angle or change to available scraper cutter to eliminate chatter in finish cuts.

  25. Jamie Sussen (verified owner)

    very happy with the quality of this system.

  26. Claude Dupuis (verified owner)

    This too is well engineered, easy setup and easily adjusted for different size tools.

  27. Mike Y. (verified owner)

    Very well crafted and compact for storage.

  28. James Garner (verified owner)

    This is a Game Changer!!! The machining is so smooth and tool is a joy to use. It is Super east to setup and even easier to use. Makes my homemade hollowing system look silly. This apparatus is worth every penny!! Keep up the great work Trent

  29. William F. (verified owner)

    Trent custom machined a stabilizer to fit my lathe. I received it the next week. The stabilizer is very well made with attention to detail. I have turned one hollow form using it and it worked quite smoothly speeding up the process of hollowing. I have used other systems , however Trent’s is the one I would highly recommend. My only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner.

  30. Gary Sanders (verified owner)

    The tool stabilizer is the most compact and easy system to set up and use. Wish I had gotten it sooner.

  31. Joshua Christopher (verified owner)

    I reached out and got some advice directly from Trent to help dial in what tools vs my experience thus far and what I was hoping to accomplish. He was super responsive and very helpful and encouraging.

    The tools themselves are solid high quality and I will be back later as I keep making forms for more sizes and maybe the laser or visualizer.

    I also had a lathe they hadn’t outfitted before. The Harvey T60 and they sent me an and email guided me through what dimensions they needed to customize everything to my lathe. Everything fit great, and it was super easy!

  32. Garry H. (verified owner)

    So solid and sturdy, its a great platform to start with!

  33. Matthew (verified owner)

    This tool is incredible, I recommend having it in your collection.

  34. Robert Keith (verified owner)

    Compared with the other stabilizers on line and cost I chose this for the ease of use and how sturdy it appeared online. I was impressed when it arrived also the cost for this and the laser Bar setup was less than what Was finding online. The woodturning forum users also gave this setup high regards.

  35. Randy R. (verified owner)

    Now that I have used the stabilizer for a few weeks I can say it works very well. Combined with the 1/2″ hollowing tools I already had, it makes the hollowing process a much more relaxing endeavor. I can see some 1″ tools in my future as I explore deeper hollowing projects.

  36. Allen Schroeder (verified owner)

    Works great and I can use my Robert Sorby Multi Scraper with this system.

  37. Jason Miller (verified owner)

    Very well built!! The piece is much heavier than expected, but very happy with it.

  38. J Fletcher (verified owner)

    Very stable

  39. Dennis C. (verified owner)

    Great product, very happy with my purchase!

  40. tom lucas (verified owner)

    Very high quality. Works as expected. I haven’t tried the inserts yet. it’d be nice if it came with storage box for the little parts.

  41. Ken (verified owner)

    Set-up was surprisingly easy and it’s easy to use. Completely satisfied after turning the first piece.

  42. Dave Youngren (verified owner)

    well built, smooth action ,strong

  43. Fred Hughes (verified owner)

    Very well built and thought out. I have two other hollowing systems and I’m very impressed with how well this works.

  44. Mike Linkswiler (verified owner)

    I’m just getting use to using it and making appropriate adjustments especially when adjusting the stabilizer for different size tools. I’m sure it will be easier the more I use it

  45. Rich Culatta (verified owner)

    High quality.

  46. Tyler (verified owner)

    Really fantastic equipment. Made hollowing easier than I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend.

  47. Tony (verified owner)

    well built quality tool. easy to set up and use. well worth the money just for the safety factor.

  48. David Wright (verified owner)

    I have only had a chance to use it once but I was overly pleased with the operation of the Stabilizer. It worked exceptionally well and was easy to use. I have used other systems and found this one to work better than any of the others I have tried.

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