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As the Original camera hollowing system the Trent Bosch Visualizer will change the way you hollow. It will give you the ability to see exactly where the tool is inside your vessels, which gives you absolute precision wall thicknesses. It is designed to quickly attach to either the 3/4” or 5/8” Stabilizer. It can also be adapted to other hollowing systems. This revolutionary new design will allow you to take hollowing to the next level and beyond.

Here is a short video about the Visualizer:

Sometimes takes a couple of extra days to assemble and ship (depends on the order workload).

What comes with the Visualizer? 

Monitor, Camera and camera bars, Power supply, Wall thickness gauge, Red Pen, Monitor Mount, Camera Bar Mount, Super Allen Wrench 5/32″, Allen Wrench 3/16″.

Below you will find two options, a Standard or Extra Long Setup, if you plan on using 1″ diameter tools with the system you will need an Extra Long Camera Bar. If you plan on using 3/4″ diameter tools or smaller the Standard Setup is recommended. The extra long bar is unnecessary for most hollowing, and is only recommended if you plan on using 1″ tools.

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Weight 15 lbs

9 reviews for Trent Bosch Visualizer

  1. Robert Verhines (verified owner)

    The Visualizer is a game changer. No guessing the thickness of your walls or where your cutting tips is. Where the camera unit attached to the Stabilizer keep coming lose. Had to do a little thinking out of the box to fix that but otherwise great.

  2. trentbosch (store manager)

    Robert – Glad you are enjoying your Visualizer. There have been a few instances where other customers have had a similar problem to you. I would suggest using an impact driver to tighten it down if possible, that really does a great job of making sure it is nice and tight. Another solution that has worked for a few customers is a drop of super glue in between the two pieces and then tighten it down – this just gives a little bit of resistance to it potentially slipping and loosening up. Happy Turning!

  3. Steve Stromstad (verified owner)

    Very easy to setup. It worked flawlessly the first time out. I would recommend to anyone.

  4. Bryan T. (verified owner)

    An absolute game changer. An amazing tool. A must have for anyone wanting to take their hollowing to the next level

  5. Claude Dupuis (verified owner)

    Love this tool. Easy to setup and does what it’s meant to do. Well-engineered quality product.

  6. Garry H. (verified owner)

    Increases your confidence in what you normally cannot see, or the inaccuracy of just the laser.

  7. John Tiner (verified owner)

    Everything I have bought from Trent Bosch is practical and high quality – the visualizer is no exception.

  8. Mike Linkswiler (verified owner)

    Had some difficulty with getting power to to it. I believe it was in the wiring harness. I had to disconnect everything…play with the wiring and finally got power to the monitor. I love the way it mounts to my lathe and it has a very clear screen imagine.

  9. Tim Tucker (verified owner)

    THIS wil change your hollowing experience and make it more fun and less streesful

  10. Byron (verified owner)

    This is a great system that is replacing and is a big improvement over my homemade system.

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