Trent Bosch Visualizer UPGRADE (from TB Laser Bar)

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PLEASE NOTE: This product is for customers who already own the Trent Bosch Laser Bars. It is an upgrade to the Visualizer from that product. It does not include the actual bars and mounting parts that are necessary for its connection and operation. If you are looking for the full set-up, go here.

This product includes everything you will need to convert your Laser Bars into the Visualizer system. Including the camera, the monitor, power supply, and all parts and pieces to make the whole system work. (Minus the Laser Bars)

Ready to purchase the Visualizer Upgrade, please contact us. This product is not available for purchase online, but can be ordered via email ( or over the phone (970) 218-6453.

As the Original camera hollowing system the Trent Bosch Visualizer will change the way you hollow. It will give you the ability to see exactly where the tool is inside your vessels, which gives you absolute precision wall thicknesses. It is designed to quickly attach to either the 3/4” or 5/8” Stabilizer. It can also be adapted to other hollowing systems. This revolutionary new design will allow you to take hollowing to the next level and beyond.

Here is a short video about the Visualizer:

Sometimes takes a couple of extra days to assemble and ship (depends on the order workload).

What comes with the Visualizer UPGRADE? 

Monitor, Camera, Power supply, Wall thickness gauge, Red Pen, Monitor Mount, Super Allen Wrench 5/32″.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs

1 review for Trent Bosch Visualizer UPGRADE (from TB Laser Bar)

  1. Harold Mills (verified owner)

    Did not know that hollowing could be so fun. This take the anxiety out of hollowing. It is a game changer. This system is built like a tank too. No cheap parts and quality built.

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